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Mary Shores has received hundreds of testimonials from clients, organizations, and employees around the U.S. We're honored to have our clients speak so highly of us for helping them achieve new milestones. 

Elyssa Klenotiz.jfif

Elyssa Klenotiz,
Chief of Staff at CCMR3

We didn't just purchase the Collection Advantage for our collectors - we purchased it for every employee within the company. Each employee has access to it as a communication tool to be utilized within their roles at CCM.

Katie Keich.jfif

Katie Keich,

We bonused 10 months in 2020 and that was during the pandemic. We're very proud of the fact that we continued to add KPIs and that we had a record year from a performance standpoint.

Mitch Malfitano.jfif

Mitch Malfitano,
Collector at CCMR3

The course has made everything easier. The tougher situations that I have to deal with now have less of a negative impact on me. I think that The Collection Advantage has shifted everybody's mindset.

Jarrod Turner.jpg

Jarrod Turner, 
Portfolio Manager at CCMR3

I can't tell you how many times I have tried to train collectors on what works. Mary teaches strategies that I would deploy back in my collecting days, but I could never successfully teach them to my collectors. Mary explains it so well and her step-by-step process was put together very nicely.

Greg Nowicki.jfif

Greg Nowicki,
Partner at Capital Accounts

The Collection Advantage has already paid for itself. Our collections are up even more than we expected. Plus, the ramp-up time on new collectors is much quicker. Collection Advantage has sped up the time it takes for new collectors to become profitable. That’s a big deal for us.

Lindsay Strzelecki.jpg

Lindsay Strzelecki,
Collections Rep at CCA-STR 

I love that you’re not just handed a Training Guide and asked to complete the milestones. You're provided with challenge exercises to use during your work day. I’ve taken so much knowledge away from our meetings with Mary Shores.

Without even working with Mary, Estie Rand was able to use the Communication Code strategy to salvage a client relationship and make $4,000 - with one email. She researched Mary’s work preparation for their interview together and Mary’s Do Not Say List stuck out to her. She was in the process of firing a “vampire client” who wasn’t a good fit, but was inspired to try to write the email without the word “unfortunately.” She was able to reframe the message and focus on what she could do, which resulted in her referring the client to someone who was a better fit. She got a referral bonus and kept a relationship that she was ready to throw away.





I’ve witnessed one of my team leads do a complete 180. She was frequently walking around complaining about our customers and that trickled down from her leadership position.


After implementing Mary’s Do Not Say List, she became more deliberate and aware of the words she was choosing to use. I’ve noticed an unbelievable transformation from her calls going from negative to positive. 


The reality is there’s a different approach to a collection call which involves being deliberate in the words you choose to empower the consumer.

Anthony Kashat, Manager at American Lending Finance 

Mary's positive message and inspirational keynote speeches, all centered around the Communication Code she teaches in her programs, empowers many different industries. Here, Brenda and Michelle talk about the effect Mary's strategy has in their customer service roles.

"The scripts that we've come up with after taking The Collection Advantage address many of the situations of our escalated calls. We talk about the program all the time at work. Everybody really feels like it's helping and working." — Collector at Financial Credit Network

"What I love about Collection Advantage is it's not only debt collections training, it's also customer service - and it's phenomenal customer service." — Collector at DataMax

"I think about the way I used to collect and the way I am now and it's a big difference. It's really paid off for me and I think it's been great for my team. We've all come a long way with it. After this course, I've actually been able to turn around when I get a "No" into a payment plan or even payment in full." — Collector at DataMax

"There's a lot more positivity in our office now that we've taken this training. For me, it's given me such a huge confidence booster. I've seen our organizational numbers go up and individual collection numbers go up." — Collections Representative at CCA

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