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A Groundbreaking Blueprint Debt Collection Course that…

Up-Levels Your Calls & Eliminates Daily Stress & Conflict Immediately

Unlock a comprehensive, made-for-you resource to transform your collections

Debt collection in the 21st century doesn’t have to be filled with daily stress and conflict.

Without a streamlined communication strategy to guide you from the start of a call to the end, you’ll run into…

Lower collections

Without communication, your negotiations can flop, leading to lower payment arrangements and infrequent payments in full.

More complaints

Have you ever had a sleepless night after a horrible complaint? Me too, and I never want to go back there again.

Boomerang calls

You know the ones—those calls that never seem to go anywhere and instead veer back to the same conflict over and over.

The Collection Advantage is your one-stop shop for transformational communication strategies that will streamline your collection calls and revitalize challenging conversations with consumers.

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You can instantly start scaling your profits and connecting with consumers like never before! Book a call TODAY!
Working from home


On-Demand Videos

With short videos, you can fit the training into the pockets of your day without sacrificing your valuable time.

Office employee


Virtual Roleplaying Challenges

The weekly virtual roleplaying challenges empower you to practice what you’ve learned while on the phone with consumers.

Diverse content


Diverse Content

With a wide variety of topics and worksheets, you can revisit the course again and again to continue growing and developing your skills.

Each milestone gets you one step closer to higher collections through stronger connections.

And if you sign up with me today, you get access to all 5 milestones, 1 bonus lesson, 5 virtual roleplaying challenges, and much more!

Milestone 1

Learn how fears, feelings, needs, and reactions can provide the information you need to build connections with consumers.

Mastering Human Emotions

Milestone 5

Amp up the professional development with a deep dive into the previously explored concepts, and complete the course as a communication expert.

Forging The Path To The Agreement

Milestone 2

Uncover my signature Do-Not-Say List to cut down on consumer triggers, and discover how to approach communication with empathy using the 3-step Communication Code.

The Communication Code

Bonus Lesson

Learn how to become a super connector in the times consumers need humanity-plus business the most.

Debt Collection In A Crisis

Milestone 3

With pre-scripting tools, master navigating even the most challenging calls, and become an idea machine with increased critical thinking skills.

Navigating The 'No'


Empower yourself with weekly roleplaying activities that give you the tools to practice and solidify the concepts you’ve learned in real-time with consumers.

Power In The Practice

Milestone 4

With my signature negotiation strategy, transition from fearing the word “no” to utilizing it to remain in control of the call.

Payment Plans That Work


Dig deeper with several supplemental worksheets that you can put in your toolbox to up-level your collections for years to come.

Track Progress And Stay Motivated
Book A Call TODAY for The Collection Advantage online training program to quickly and easily start your transformation! 
We’ll help you do the following:


Get Your Login Information

Unlock the course and gain instant access to 25 videos and a library of supplemental materials to guide you through your collections makeover from start to finish.


Embrace Empathetic Collections

This system works, and before you know it, you’ll notice your communication skills growing and changing for the better.


Celebrate Your Victories

As you navigate through the course, you’ll notice your calls getting easier and your collections increasing—it’s a win-win!

Testimonial Background1

Cyndi Vasquez, Collector at Financial Credit Network

“I've been doing this work for a very long time and what I learned in the course was definitely a change for me.”

Testimonial Background 2

Elyssa Klenotiz, Chief of Staff at CCMR3

“It was really cool to see how individuals were using this course to help them grow professionally in their roles as well as in their daily tasks.”

Testimonial Background 3

Katie Keich, Chief Operating Officer at CCA-STR

“For my collectors who embraced The Collection Advantage, I noticed that they were collecting more dollars daily and they were converting more.”

Can you really increase collections by being empathetic?

The concepts covered in The Collection Advantage are backed by peer-reviewed neuroscience studies and empathy-based communication experiments in my own debt collection agency.

The truth is that people have an underlying need to feel heard and understood before they’re willing to listen to solutions. The Collection Advantage provides the tools you need to meet that need and inspire consumers to pay their balances without inciting conflict.

A Collection Advantage membership includes…

A made-for-you syllabus to guide you through the program from start to finish

25 videos chock-full of my 20+ years of industry expertise and 15 years of neuroscience research

5 weekly roleplaying activities that empower you to practice what you’ve learned in real-time with real consumers

A 165-page, fully illustrated training manual for the visual learner, designed with colorful, eye-catching designs and pages reserved for notes, reflections, doodles, and ideas

7 beautifully designed worksheets to keep track of your progress and keep you motivated

An official, eye-catching completion certificate you can print out and proudly display when you're finished with the course

Weekly tips in your inbox to keep the momentum going well after you finish the course

Collection Advantage Program
Mary Shores

"We are changing the conversation around debt in America and revolutionizing the collection industry.

What's even more exciting is that YOU can be a part of that today!"

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“The training has been a huge win…We’ve had record months in recoveries, outperforming our clients' recovery expectations the last two months on both our first-party team and on our third-party loan team.”

Jarrod Turner, Portfolio Manager at CCMR3

“Mary's actually been where I am, which made the training more compelling. She's not just repeating something she read—this is something that she actually experienced.”

Teresa Mickens, Collector at DataMax Corporation

“The Collection Advantage had a positive impact on me and my performance immediately. It's not a ‘going through the motions’ type of thing—it will truly benefit you.”

Mitch Malfitano, Collector at CCMR3

Book a call for
The Collection Advantage
  • Learn lofty concepts easily with accessible language and concrete storytelling

  • Discover how to add empathy to your call flow without sacrificing the bottom line

  • Increase revenue through strategic and effective negotiation techniques

  • Develop an understanding of the consumer experience to embrace perspective-taking and deep listening techniques

  • Overcome the “fear of the freak-out” that increases your anxiety and decreases your collections

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